The Myth of the 400 Rabbits

In early 15th century Mexico lived the Aztecs who worshipped a plethora of mythical deities. One of these gods was Mayahuel (maˈjawel), a fiery goddess who ruled both the agave plant and fertility.  Now that’s a crazy combination!

Mayahuel gave birth to the Centzon Totochtin (i.e. "400 Rabbits").  In Aztec times, the number used for “infinite” was 400. These 400 thirsty bunnies represented the infinite ways in which people could intoxicate themselves. They traveled throughout the lands visiting lively parties and gatherings while feasting and spreading the gospel of intoxication. It is said that when drinking agave spirits, the 400 Rabbits inhabit us all. 

So join the party!  Partake in the glorious food from our Mexican kitchen and the handcrafted margaritas from our bar. 


Let the spirit of one of these fun-loving rabbit gods in!

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